Enclose your Porch

Enclose your Porch

If you already have a porch, patio or gazebo with a roof and you want to enclose it and turn the area into a seasonal sunroom, we have (3) options to choose from: "Eze-Breeze" windows & doors, "Craft-Bilt" "Grand Vista" wall system or "Solarium Optimum" windows & doors.

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Deck & Patio Covers

Deck & Patio Covers

Both ”Craft-bilt” (insulated panel, polycarbonate panel or aluminum pan roofs) and “Solarium Optimum” (single-tempered glass roof) manufacture deck covers.

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Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd.

With our Maritime climate, we get very little use out of our decks and patios. Many days and evenings it is either too wet, cold, buggy or windy to use them. With a sunroom from "Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd." installed on your deck, you will get much more use out of it. Actually, much more than you would have ever imagined! Spring, summer and fall days and evenings you will find yourself relaxing in and enjoying your beautiful sunroom. You can even enjoy your "little slice of Heaven" in winter! On a sunny day in the winter, the inside sunroom temperature will get into double-digits, without even the need for any additional heat! These sunrooms give you a wonderful outdoor living space, free from the elements.

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