Our seasonal sunrooms are permanently installed rooms that are designed to take our snow and wind loads.  They are not insulated, which makes then “seasonal”, although on sunny winter days the sunrooms will heat-up to the high teens and low 20’s Celsius just with the heat of the sun!

“Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd.” installation area covers all of Nova Scotia including Cape Breton.

Yes, our sunrooms can be installed on most regular decks. We would check your deck to make sure it is strong enough to accommodate the sunroom and if it is level. If the deck is not strong enough, we can usually do modifications such as strengthening the beam, adding more joists, lag-bolting the ledger board to the house sill, etc. If the deck is not level, depending on the deck size, we can jack the deck up and shim it level.

“Vinyl Elastomer” is the glazing for the windows and doors in the “Solarium Optimum” sunrooms. It is an extremely strong vinyl that is so clear, you would swear it was glass! The vinyl has a “memory” that when hit or “poked” goes right back to its original tightness. The vinyl elastomer is UV stable and has a “cold retardant”, “fire retardant” and “fungicide” in the formula it is made of. The “cold retardant” keeps the vinyl elastomer pliable in the very cold. The “fire retardant” helps prevent fire from spreading and the “fungicide” keeps fungus such as mold from growing.

“Solarium Optimum” sunrooms are manufactured in Montreal, Quebec and the “Craft-Bilt” sunrooms are manufactured in Ajax, Ontario.

It is possible for a customer to install both models of sunrooms, but not recommended. Our installers have been trained and are quite skilled trades persons. There is a “learning curve” for their installation and you really do not want to be learning on your own house!

Grand Vista sunrooms, single glazed 3 season and all season with low e and argon. Vista screen rooms for your cottage, trailer or home. Install sunroom on your deck or under your existing roof canopy.