Enclose your Porch

Halifax Seasonal Sunrooms Ltd. has (3) different options to enclose your porch, patio, gazebo or balcony and turn the space into an outdoor living area. The first option is the PGT Eze-Breeze windows and doors.  Custom made,  PGT Eze-Breeze windows let cool breezes in and keep the bad weather out.
The windows have a full fibreglass screen on the outside and (4) vinyl elastomer glazed sashes on the inside that slide up and down to give you up to 75% ventilation. The vinyl elastomer is so clear, you would swear it was glass! Eze-Breeze also has Cabana doors that are really nice and have the same vertical 4-track window for ventilation. There is so much versatility in this system that they also have fixed transom windows and side lites.

The second option is to enclose your porch, etc. with the sunroom walls from Craft-Bilt. These walls are 1 3/4″ thick aluminum frame with 5′ high single-glass side-sliding windows complete with screens for plenty of ventilation. The 21 1/2″ high “kick panels” under the opening windows can be either solid panel or tempered glass. There is a choice of 5′ and 6′ wide single-glass patio doors, as well as storm doors.

The third option is to use the sunroom walls from the Solarium Optimum sunrooms. These walls have 77″ high single-hung windows with retractable screens for up to 50% ventilation. Like the Eze-Breeze windows, these windows are glazed with an extremely strong vinyl elastomer. You have a choice of 6′ wide vinyl elastomer glazed patios doors or a 35″ wide in-swing or out-swing door. This wall system also has the option for fixed transom windows over the opening windows. This system has very little framing, so your view is maximized.

If you would like to see the (3) porch enclosure options up close, please call  us at 902-223-8872 or e-mail us at info@halifaxseasonalsunrooms.com to  make an appointment to come into our showroom to see the displays. You can also call or email us to send you brochures and pricing for the above products.

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