Solarium Optimum Sunrooms

“Solarium Optimum” Sunrooms

The manufacturer of this beautiful and functional line of seasonal sunrooms has a dynamic and professional team that have been in the sunroom business since 1986.  Located in a modern and spacious factory with a research and development centre just north of Montreal, Quebec.  They offer wonderful dealer support and a commitment to producing an excellent product.
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The results of state of the art technology, their research and development center ensures the best components for your solarium. Only Solarium Optimum offers the single-hung window with a retractable screen, a tempered glass roof with an overhang, a hybrid structure concept, a modular system, ceiling blinds that open both from the top and bottom, a patio screen door and decorative arches.

Engineered Structure:

The aluminum and PVC structure is Engineered-approved and supports our snow loads with no problem. Aluminum is used for its resistance and PVC for its lightness and unmatched finish. Elastomer glazes the wall modules for its flexibility to ground movement, which is not possible with glass walls. The roof modules are made of tempered glass for strength and ease of maintenance while allowing ground movements. A choice of white or capri (beige) colours are available for the structure . You can sleep peacefully; let the wind blow and the snow and rain fall. All of our solariums are built in conformity with the Canadian National Building Code. In addition, all of our solariums are submitted to a severe quality control.

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Elastomer Wall Glazing and Tempered Glass Roof:

The wall modules are glazed with elastomer available in a choice of two translucent tints: smoke and charcoal. The elastomer has a molecular memory, resists cold weather and is UV protected. Non-flammable, the elastomer contains a protective fungicide and is guaranteed for 10 years on a prorated basis. The roof modules are made of tinted tempered safety glass that allows for the installation of ceiling blinds. The glass also contains protection against harmful UV rays and is guaranteed for 20 years prorated.

Windows with Retractable Screens:

Solarium Optimum single hung window is a great window for solariums. It opens from the top where the warm air is located which allows for better air exchange while protecting you from drafts.

The retractable screen provides 30% more light for a clear and clean vision. The screen mesh disappears completely which keeps the mesh and elastomer clean. The screen mesh rolls inside a casing located at the top of the single hung window. When you open the window, this pulls the screen towards the bottom and makes it appear and when you close the window, the screen disappears into the casing. This feature is exclusive to Solarium Optimum.

The main advantages of a retractable screen are:
-in the closed position during the cooler seasons you will get 30% more light for an energy gain of 34%.
-the mesh stays clean and there is no winter storage required.
-your view is better; no screen to look through.
-the screen mesh is flexible; if an object should hit it, the screen mesh will not tear.

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Pleated Shades:

Unique and exclusive. “OPTI-BLOC” pleated shades are a shade concept that will adapt to any décor, according to your taste and need. They are easy to clean and install, practical and aesthetic. “OPTI-BLOC” pleated shades cut out 98% of sunrays assuring you will be comfortable during those hot summer days. They are a multi-layered UV resistant material that reflects heat. The shades open from both the top and bottom of the sunroom ceiling and are equipped with a built-in breaking system that allows positioning at the desired location while avoiding darkening the interior of the house. Contrary to an awning, the shade lets you decide where you want shade.
The “OPTI-BLOC” shade is an opaque white, accordion style, multi-layered polypropylene synthetic paper. It has an ultra-smooth surface with a low gloss matte finish. Completely water proof, chemical resistant and stable to UV rays. “OBTI-BLOC” pleated shades are 98% opaque and will resist temperatures up to 77C (170F). The OPTI-BLOC TM shades were designed exclusively for sunrooms and skylights.

Sliding Screen Door

An option you can add is a sliding screen door. The screen door is installed on the inside of the sunroom (the regular elastomer weather-tight door is on the outside).  The screen door provides extra cross ventilation in the sunroom.

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Add fixed transoms over your single hung windows to add extra height to your walls.  The windows are 77″ high (6′-5″) so if you want to have sunroom walls that are, for example, 8′ high, you can add a 1′-7″ high fixed transoms over the windows.  Just remember that the higher you make the walls, the more height you need at the back wall of the sunroom where the sunroom roof joins the house.

Decorative Roof Overhand

The decorative roof overhang protects the vertical glazing from dirt, dust, etc. coming off the roof during rain and snow storms.  Without this roof overhang, as you see on other sunrooms brands, there would be “streaking” from dirt and debris, which has gathered on the sunroom roof, then “running down” the vertical glazing as it is “washed-off” the sunroom roof during stormy weather.

Quality and Warranty

Solarium Optimum three season solarium is an assembly line manufactured modular solarium.  Whether standard or custom sized, each manufacturing step undergoes a strict quality control process. The roof, wall, door modules as well as shades and windows are submitted for verification twice before continuing to the next step in the manufacturing process.  A final verification is performed before final packing.  For this reason, the product requires little to no after sales service. This is a major  consideration at the time of purchase.

At the cutting edge of technology, our research and development centre assure you the best  components for your solarium.

All of our solarium’s are backed by our 10 year prorated warranty.  The glass is warranted for 20 years prorated.