Sunroom Temperatures

How much of the year can you use your uninsulated Seasonal Sunroom?  You know you will be able to use it from late spring to early fall in our Maritime climate.  But what you might not be aware of is that you can actually use it much more than that!  The table below shows the business’s owner’s Seasonal Sunroom inside temperatures from late October to mid April.  The sunroom has a Western exposure and the venting windows were always closed.  All it takes on a sunny winter day is about 1 hour of sunshine on the sunroom and the inside temperatures begin to climb to some very comfortable, cozy temperatures, with only the heat of the sun!  The sunrooms will also remain very comfortable in the warmer summer months with ceiling blinds for the glass roof models, window treatments (curtains or blinds) and plenty of opening windows for maximum ventilation.  On cooler days and evenings when there is no sun to warm the sunroom, you can use some supplementary heat such as an electric fireplace, electric heater, or one of the many heating options sold in local stores to take the chill off.  One thing is for sure, you will use the Seasonal Sunroom much more than you think!

Date and Time Outside Temperature Weather Conditions Inside Sunroom Temp.
Oct. 20/14 3pm 9C Windy & sunny 23C
Oct. 21/14 3:30pm 14C Mostly sunny 28C
Nov. 10/14 2:30pm 11C Mostly sunny 24C
Nov. 22/14 3pm 0C (wind chill -6C) Windy & mostly sunny 10C
Nov. 29/14 2:30pm -1C breezy & sunny 11C
Dec. 2/14 3pm -4C sunny 10C
Dec. 5/14 3:30pm -4C mostly sunny 12C
Dec. 8/14 3:15pm -5C sunny 8C
Dec. 11/14 2:15pm 10C mostly sunny 19C
Dec. 12/14 2:45pm 9C sunny 21C
Dec. 13/14 2:45pm 5C sunny 18C
Dec. 26/14 3pm 5C sunny & windy 19C
Dec. 27/14 3:45pm 6C sunny 18C
Jan. 1/15 3pm -1C mix of sun & cloud 10C
Jan. 11/15 3pm -5C sunny 9C
Jan. 18/15 2:30pm 3C mostly sunny 14C
Jan. 23/15 4:30pm -4C sunny 12C
Jan. 26/15 4:00pm -6C sunny 16C
Jan. 29/15 3:30pm -3C sunny 13C
Jan. 30/15 2:00pm 1C mostly cloudy 12C
Feb. 2/15 3:30pm -8C sunny 10C
Feb. 2/15 4:30pm -9C sunny 17C
Feb. 6/15 3:00pm -9C sunny 8C
Feb. 6/15 3:30pm -9C sunny 14C
Feb. 6/15 4:30pm -10C sunny 18C
Feb. 24/15 4:30pm -10C sunny 18C
Feb. 27/15 2:00pm -7C sunny 7C
Feb. 27/15 3:45pm -5C sunny 14C
Feb. 28/15 5:30pm -5C sunny 15C
Mar. 3/15 3:00pm -6C sunny & windy 10C
Mar. 3/15 3:45pm -6C sunny & windy 13C
Mar. 4/15 2:30pm 4C partly cloudy & windy 13C
Mar. 4/15 4:30pm 4C partly cloudy & windy 18C
Mar. 4/15 5:30pm 2C sunny 18C
Mar. 6/15 2:00pm -6C sunny 8C
Mar. 6/15 3:30pm -5C sunny 15C
Mar. 6/15 5:00pm -8C sunny 20C
Mar. 7/15 5:00pm -1C partly sunny 18C
Mar. 8/15 2:00pm 4C sunny 10C
Mar. 10/15 3:00pm 4C partly sunny 16C
Mar. 10/15 4:00pm 3C sunny 20C
Mar. 11/15 5:30pm 9C sunny 24C
Mar. 13/15 2:30pm -6C sunny & windy 8C
Mar. 13/15 3:30pm -6C sunny & windy 12C
Mar. 13/15 4:30pm -6C sunny & windy 18C
Mar. 13/15 5:00pm -6C sunny & windy 22C
Mar. 14/15 2:45pm 2C partly sunny 16C
Mar. 14/15 3:30pm 0C partly sunny 17C
Mar. 19/15 3:15pm -2C mostly sunny & windy 10C
Mar. 19/15 6:00pm -3C sunny & windy 11C
Mar. 20/15 6:00pm 0C sunny 16C
Mar. 24/15 3:30pm 4C sunny 18C
Mar. 24/15 4:00pm 4C mostly cloudy 20C
Mar.25/15 2:00pm 6C sunny 16C
Mar. 25/15 4:30pm 6C sunny 23C
Mar. 25/15 5:30pm 5C sunny 26C
April 1/15 1:00pm 4C sunny 19C
April 1/15 3:30pm 3C sunny 25C
April 1/15 5:00pm 2C sunny 27C
April 2/15 3:00pm 3C sunny & windy 24C
April 3/15 4:30pm 12C mostly sunny 26C
April 3/15 6:30pm 8C cloudy 20C
April 5/15 1:00pm 2C sunny 18C
April 5/15 3:00pm 4C mostly cloudy 20C
April 8/15 1:00pm 3C mostly sunny 21C
April 8/15 4:00pm 3C mostly sunny 25C
April 9/15 2:00pm 2C sunny 24C
April 11/15 5:30pm 10C sunny 26C
April 12/15 12:30pm 10C sunny 24C
April 13/15 12:30pm 13C sunny 23C
April 13/15 3:30pm 11C sunny 25C
April 14/15 6:30pm 8C sunny 22C