Date and Time Outside Temperature Weather Conditions Inside Sunroom Temp.
Oct. 20/14 3pm 9C Windy & sunny 23C
Oct. 21/14 3:30pm 14C Mostly sunny 28C
Nov. 10/14 2:30pm 11C Mostly sunny 24C
Nov. 22/14 3pm 0C (wind chill -6C) Windy & mostly sunny 10C
Nov. 29/14 2:30pm -1C breezy & sunny 11C
Dec. 2/14 3pm -4C sunny 10C
Dec. 5/14 3:30pm -4C mostly sunny 12C
Dec. 8/14 3:15pm -5C sunny 8C
Dec. 11/14 2:15pm 10C mostly sunny 19C
Dec. 12/14 2:45pm 9C sunny 21C
Dec. 13/14 2:45pm 5C sunny 18C
Dec. 26/14 3pm 5C sunny & windy 19C
Dec. 27/14 3:45pm 6C sunny 18C
Jan. 1/15 3pm -1C mix of sun & cloud 10C
Jan. 11/15 3pm -5C sunny 9C
Jan. 18/15 2:30pm 3C mostly sunny 14C
Jan. 23/15 4:30pm -4C sunny 12C
Jan. 26/15 4:00pm -6C sunny 16C
Jan. 29/15 3:30pm -3C sunny 13C
Jan. 30/15 2:00pm 1C mostly cloudy 12C
Feb. 2/15 3:30pm -8C sunny 10C
Feb. 2/15 4:30pm -9C sunny 17C
Feb. 6/15 3:00pm -9C sunny 8C
Feb. 6/15 3:30pm -9C sunny 14C
Feb. 6/15 4:30pm -10C sunny 18C
Feb. 24/15 4:30pm -10C sunny 18C
Feb. 27/15 2:00pm -7C sunny 7C
Feb. 27/15 3:45pm -5C sunny 14C
Feb. 28/15 5:30pm -5C sunny 15C
Mar. 3/15 3:00pm -6C sunny & windy 10C
Mar. 3/15 3:45pm -6C sunny & windy 13C
Mar. 4/15 2:30pm 4C partly cloudy & windy 13C
Mar. 4/15 4:30pm 4C partly cloudy & windy 18C
Mar. 4/15 5:30pm 2C sunny 18C
Mar. 6/15 2:00pm -6C sunny 8C
Mar. 6/15 3:30pm -5C sunny 15C
Mar. 6/15 5:00pm -8C sunny 20C
Mar. 7/15 5:00pm -1C partly sunny 18C
Mar. 8/15 2:00pm 4C sunny 10C
Mar. 10/15 3:00pm 4C partly sunny 16C
Mar. 10/15 4:00pm 3C sunny 20C
Mar. 11/15 5:30pm 9C sunny 24C
Mar. 13/15 2:30pm -6C sunny & windy 8C
Mar. 13/15 3:30pm -6C sunny & windy 12C
Mar. 13/15 4:30pm -6C sunny & windy 18C
Mar. 13/15 5:00pm -6C sunny & windy 22C
Mar. 14/15 2:45pm 2C partly sunny 16C
Mar. 14/15 3:30pm 0C partly sunny 17C
Mar. 19/15 3:15pm -2C mostly sunny & windy 10C
Mar. 19/15 6:00pm -3C sunny & windy 11C
Mar. 20/15 6:00pm 0C sunny 16C
Mar. 24/15 3:30pm 4C sunny 18C
Mar. 24/15 4:00pm 4C mostly cloudy 20C
Mar.25/15 2:00pm 6C sunny 16C
Mar. 25/15 4:30pm 6C sunny 23C
Mar. 25/15 5:30pm 5C sunny 26C
April 1/15 1:00pm 4C sunny 19C
April 1/15 3:30pm 3C sunny 25C
April 1/15 5:00pm 2C sunny 27C
April 2/15 3:00pm 3C sunny & windy 24C
April 3/15 4:30pm 12C mostly sunny 26C
April 3/15 6:30pm 8C cloudy 20C
April 5/15 1:00pm 2C sunny 18C
April 5/15 3:00pm 4C mostly cloudy 20C
April 8/15 1:00pm 3C mostly sunny 21C
April 8/15 4:00pm 3C mostly sunny 25C
April 9/15 2:00pm 2C sunny 24C
April 11/15 5:30pm 10C sunny 26C
April 12/15 12:30pm 10C sunny 24C
April 13/15 12:30pm 13C sunny 23C
April 13/15 3:30pm 11C sunny 25C
April 14/15 6:30pm 8C sunny 22C